Redundant Epihanies
Alone-ly Z
Raison d'etre/ Rime Suffisante

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Redundant Epiphanies
A lazy daydreams swims by on vaguely fragrant whisperings. Escape- a sigh away from a harmonious conclusion. Soft trances slither upon a hazy ribbon of illusory excuses. Maybe memory wastes precious time but comforts are rarely custom. A shadow retracts within that possibility. A slow stroll to know the truth in eyes and minds alike. Symbols shine slightly, glistening in the light of purpose.
So, slip softly, sleep, slumber, see shining stars slow, spinning spirals safely... 

Alone-ly Z
Look up to get up yet, as above...
"The time has come, once again... to say goodbye to a friend. It seems to me I'm too unique to ever give my heart away. So, as I drive back to my lives... lonely I shall stay. I guess all's well that ends well and a heart is always home but, then again, it seems I'm meant to always be alone..."
    Four years of my life have been involved- no problems ever solved. Four years I've tried to care- communication wasn't there. Four years I tried to try- it all was just a lie. For years I lived a game and nothing ever changed. So years have come and gone and everything went wrong but for days it's been just me and finally, I can see... 

Raison d'etre/ Rime Suffisante